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Lyle Brewer’s solo guitar album “Juno” is the result of two things: the snowstorms that consumed Boston in the early months of 2015 and the sobriety that saved his life. “Juno,” which made the Boston Globe’s list of Best Local Albums of 2015, “showcases the cool sophistication of his guitar playing, not to mention his evolution as a songwriter” (Boston Globe). The first blizzard of the season hit Boston on January 27, 2015 andshut down the city for three days. That blizzard, “Juno,” lent its name to the title track. Every storm that winter, Brewer wrote a song.

Lyle Brewer

June 4th, 2015

"Most of us stand at the fences. We stand at the edge of a musical field where sharp-toothed secrets and rumors lurk, a field into which we are afraid to venture. We settle for the fleeting joy found in our voyeurism of virtuosity. But on the other side in plain sight, with steady hands is Lyle Brewer. Playing the familiar to fantastical, vulnerable and sultry, Lyle has made a record to shepherd us over the field and into the fold. The appreciation for his mastery of technique and style is by no means lost on this release. His craft is as honed as ever. But what is truly a gift is the comfort found in his compositions. An honest breath drawn from deep within. A collection of still small melodies, played on six simple strings, to help us find our peace."  - Dietrich Strause

Wicked Live!

September 2012

“Music is played. Musicians don't work music, they play music...Serving up a fresh take on an eclectic repertoire is a useful maneuver. Offering a clinic in taste and style? Water in the desert, people. But what's truly whup-tastic about this record is the purity that comes through the playing. They made this for the rightest of reasons: because they felt like it. Because they wanted to PLAY. They felt it, and when I listen, I feel it. I bet you will, too.”  - Peter Mulvey

Music to My Fears

September 2011

“Boston is a city filled with great musicians playing in many different styles. For myself and many others, Lyle Brewer is one of the rare players that really stand out in this talented company. He plays with taste, maturity and grace, subtlety and intensity, not to mention a beautiful touch on the guitar. As you'll hear on this Trio EP which was recorded live in the studio, Lyle infuses Jazz, blues, rock and country with a really cool and fresh approach. His excellent rhythm section consisting of Mike Piehl on drums and Dean Cassell on bass both support and inspire/propel his original tunes. All of these elements translate into a great instrumental record. Lyle is a player who has carefully cultivated his style and sound, which I know will keep evolving well into the future so keep your eyes and ears open for more of his work, I know I will.”
 - Kevin Barry (Guitarist for Ray Lamontagne, Peter Wolf)